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Ponte Vedra Lawn Care & Pest Control

The #1 bridge-organic lawn care and pest control company in North-East Florida.

At Turf Organics, we offer a wide range of bridge-organic and Eco-friendly lawn services for Ponte Vedra residents such as lawn care , safer pest control , fire ant prevention, mosquito control, shrub fertilization , ornamental care , sodding and more.

Lawn Care Services In Ponte Vedra, FL


Increasingly, more Ponte Vedra homeowners are switching to organic care solutions for their lawns, trees, and shrubs. At Turf Organics, we understand just how important having a chemical-free environment around your home is. We, therefore, only use bridge-organic products that encourage healthy plant and grass growth while keeping your family, pets, and the environment greener.

This way, we can create green, picturesque outdoor spaces that are safe for kids to play and make memories using an environmentally safer solution. Our Ponte Vedra commercial and residential services include:


  • Bridge-Organic Lawn & Landscape Fertilization

  • Bridge-Organic Weed And Pest Control

  • Shrub Care

  • Ornamental Tree Care

  • Palm Fertilization

  • Sodding Services

  • Irrigation Tune-Ups in Ponte Vedra and Surrounding North Florida Areas.

All our lawn care and pest control programs have been created with the environment in mind. We offer a much greener solution for your home and lawn.

Lawn Care for Ponte Vedra Residents

Most homeowners make the mistake of covering their lawns with toxic synthetic fertilizers and dangerous pesticides. What they don’t realize is that while this solution may work for a few days, it kills life in the soil and robs the plants' essential microbes that promote healthy plant growth.

Our bridge-organic lawn fertilization solutions work from the ground up to grow a healthy, lush lawn. We use custom-blended, proprietary fertilizers that are a much safer solution.

Excellent reasons why you should make a switch to Turf Organics lawn care program this season:


  1. Our lawn fertilizers are safer for your kids, pets, and the surrounding ecosystem. 

  2. Bridge-Organic fertilizers release slowly into the soil for longer results, making your lawn less labor and water-intensive.

  3. You can rarely over-fertilize with organic grass fertilizers, hence no risk of root burns.

  4. Bridge-Organic lawn fertilization improves the quality, health, and structure of your soil by adding organic matter and microbes to the soil.

  5. Our fertilizers offer more diverse minerals and nutrients, such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron, and calcium, that create a robust, safer nutrient profile.

  6. Bridge-Organic fertilizers are just as easy to apply as conventional fertilizers; hence will not require any additional effort from you.


Let us make your lawn a Greener Lawn!

Call us at 904-614-9053 for questions or to schedule a free estimate.

Safer Lawn Care and Pest Control

With Amazing Results


We've been creating and caring for beautiful lawns for over a decade. Safe for kids and pets!

Lawn Care & Pest Control Experts

We are the #1 lawn care and pest control company in North-East Florida.

Licensed & Insured

We meet the highest local and regional standards for eco-safe organic products.

Competitive Pricing

You’ll always receive the highest quality service at the very best prices.


Be Part of the Solution

Call us at 904-614-9053 to schedule a free estimate.


We Started using Turf Organics three weeks ago. The previous service was doing nothing but billing my credit card. Weeds kept growing and the grass was not. Once Turf Organics took over, the weeds are almost gone, the yard is green and growing. The downside is I have had to cut the grass three times since they started the service.

Joyce and John Gehri


Chadd and his team are hard working and educate you the person's yard they are taken care of. He comes to your house personally if there's an issue with your yard or if you have any questions. Thank you for helping us learn about how Turf Organics can really make your yard look awesome. We all need to be going organic in the world we live in.

Becky Rose


Turf Organics did an excellent job on my lawn!.... their product, service and knowledge is outstanding... personal detail and information about my lawn is provided via phone call and/or written report (they don't give me the "canned report" that i was used to before from other companies). Chadd is very friendly and professional as well as the company.

Deacon Keaton


After using over 10 different companies we have finally found the best one! Only been 2 months with them and the results thus far are amazing. Customer service is amazing as well!

Drake Harmon

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