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A Greener Lawn Care Company

Grow a Lush, Beautiful & Safe Green Lawn with LESS Harmful Chemicals


Bridge-Organic Lawn Care Company

We Do Things Differently!


Do you prefer a more natural approach to fertilization? Then we have the perfect lawn care program for you! At Turf organics, we believe that to give the best service to our customers; we must be in touch with their health and environmental needs.


We are a lawn care company that creates lush, healthy lawns without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides as control products. We’ve found out that, if we use organic products to fertilize and improve the soil, we can still nurture beautiful, healthy lawns by unlocking highly essential microbes in the soil. You can, therefore, have the peace of mind knowing that your kids and pets are playing on a safer lawn.


Turf Organics relies on environmentally-friendly lawn care techniques using OMRI certified organic bio-stimulants that deliver essential nutrients to the plants root more efficiently than typical fertilizers. This eco-friendly fertilization approach nurtures healthy soil and naturally thick grass.


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Join the Greener Lawn Care Movement
Less Toxins + Amazing Results

With our bridge-organic formula, we will create a safer yard for your kids and pets. Our approach achieves the great results that you expect from a top rated lawn care company.

Our carbon based process rebuilds your soil, waking up the microbes and delivering essential nutrients to the plants roots more efficiently than traditional fertilization.

Why Choose Us?

Simply put, it works. If you’re looking for a safer lawn care program for your family, your pets, and the environment, bridge-organic lawn care is your best option.

Ideally, a lawn care program looks at your entire landscape as a homogeneous system that transcends a bunch of products. You first need to understand your soil system and then use soil-specific natural products to unlock its potential.

At Turf organics, we utilize a high molecular weight activated carbon filled with Fulvic and Humic acid that is specially formulated to:


  • Improve soil health

  • Enhance soil buffering

  • Reduce soil compaction

  • Reduce excessive shoot growth

  • Encourage root growth

  • Enhance turf vigor

  • Improve turf color and density

  • Increase soil resistance to diseases and extreme weather conditions.

  • Help turf prepare for and recover from summer stress

  • Stimulate root growth and health through the fall and winter


Ready For a Lush, Green Lawn?

Just imagine a beautiful lush, dense, green lawn that is safe for your kids and pets to play on?

Turf Organics has a lawn care solution for you!

We’ve been creating and caring for safe, beautiful lawns for over a decade now. Our lawn care services use unique carbon-based organic products to create healthy, vibrant lawns. With just a few treatments, your grass can start blossoming again. Call us today for a free lawn analysis or complete our contact form and we’ll be in touch soon!


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Jacksonville's #1 Rated Lawn Care Company

We service the following areas:

  • Atlantic Beach

  • Baymeadows

  • Durbin Crossing

  • Fruit Cove

  • Jacksonville

  • Jacksonville Beach

  • Mandarin

  • Neptune Beach

  • Nocatee

  • Palm Valley

  • Ponte Vedra

  • Ponte Vedra Beach

  • Sawgrass

  • Southside

  • St. Augustine

  • St. Johns

  • World Golf Village

  • Julington Creek

Zip codes we service:

32040 | 32080 | 32081 | 32082 | 32084 | 32086 | 32092 | 32095 | 32216 | 32217 | 32223 | 32224 | 32246 | 32250 | 32256 | 32257 | 32258 | 32259 | 32266

What does hiring Turf Organics involve?

When you hire our lawn care service, you ensure that your lawn stays beautiful all year long. We’ll give it the seasonal treatment it requires, from mowing in the summer to fertilizer in the spring. The result? A gorgeous lawn, all year long.

How does it work?

First, we come to your residence or business to assess the size and needs of the lawn. Do we need to reseed, weed, add turf, apply fertilizer? We ascertain the situation and tell you exactly what you’ll need to get your lawn back in shape so it’s beautiful, lush and green. In-addition to your lawn care, think about trying our organic pest control service as well. We also offer shrub fertilization , ornamental care for trees and sodding services.


We Manage All Your Lawn Care & Pest Control Needs!


We Started using Turf Organics three weeks ago. The previous service was doing nothing but billing my credit card. Weeds kept growing and the grass was not. Once Turf Organics took over, the weeds are almost gone, the yard is green and growing. The downside is I have had to cut the grass three times since they started the service.

Joyce and John Gehri


Chadd and his team are hard working and educate you the person's yard they are taken care of. He comes to your house personally if there's an issue with your yard or if you have any questions. Thank you for helping us learn about how Turf Organics can really make your yard look awesome. We all need to be going organic in the world we live in.

Becky Rose


Turf Organics did an excellent job on my lawn!.... their product, service and knowledge is outstanding... personal detail and information about my lawn is provided via phone call and/or written report (they don't give me the "canned report" that i was used to before from other companies). Chadd is very friendly and professional as well as the company.

Deacon Keaton


After using over 10 different companies we have finally found the best one! Only been 2 months with them and the results thus far are amazing. Customer service is amazing as well!

Drake Harmon

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