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Lawn Care & Pest Control for Baymeadows, FL

Top-rated certified lawn care and pest control company in Northeast Florida.

At Turf Organics, we offer a wide range of bridge-organic and Eco-friendly lawn services for Atlantic Beach residents such as lawn care , safer pest control , fire ant prevention, mosquito control, shrub fertilization , ornamental care , sodding and more.

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Baymeadows Lawn Care Services

Are you a conscious, forward-thinking homeowner looking for eco-friendly landscaping solutions that help preserve the environment? Would you love to have a gorgeous, healthy, and reliable landscape around your home that relies less on harsh, toxic chemicals and pesticides? If so, our bridge-organic landscaping services are the best-fit solutions for you and exactly what you’re looking for!

At Turf Organics, we have created unique, solutions to help keep your lawn lush, green, and healthy without impacting the environment. We use bio-degradable, materials that eliminate invasive pest infections and improves the health of your grass without covering your lawn with tons of harmful chemicals.

Best of all, these solutions are just as effective, fast-acting, and sometimes even more affordable than conventional toxic options. Our solutions are fully customized to meet the needs of your lawn in Baymeadows.

Learn more about our lawn care services.

Baymeadows Pest Control Services

Ten years ago, we set out on a mission to create products to help grow beautiful, healthy lawns that were earth, pet, and family-friendly. We had noticed that the chemical solutions available for homeowners were simply expensive, harmful to the environment, and focused on treating emergent symptoms without addressing the root cause problem.

As a result, many homeowners in North East Florida found themselves struggling with a chemical-reliant lawn that posed immense dangers to their loved ones and the environment. We couldn’t just sit on the bylines and watch our environment, waterways, and communities get ridden with toxic, carcinogenic chemicals.

After multiple tests and working closely with our communities, we created proprietary, organic formulas that restore the soil health by reversing the effects caused by the overuse of conventional fertilizers. We also created special blends and processes that keep away invasive pests from your lawn and trees without causing any harm to the environment and your family. Learn more about our pest control services.

Baymeadows Best Lawn Care Company!

It’s never been easier to care for your landscape and environment all at the same time! Some of our most popular services in Baymeadows include:

• Bridge-Organic Lawn Care and maintenance
• Bridge-Organic Fertilization
• Bridge-Organic Pest Control
• Bridge-Organic Tree & Shrub Care
• Bridge-Organic Weed control
• Sodding
• Irrigation Repair
• Bridge-Organic Fire ant and Mosquito control
• Lawn Aeration & Over Seeding

At Turf Organics, we offer the most reliable and result-driven bridge-organic lawn care solutions in North East Florida. We use a unique approach that relies on safe products and programs so your lawns will become less dependent on toxic chemicals and begin a process to restore the health of your soil to work as it was intended to.

Contact us today to learn more about our organic lawn care programs and products or fill our contact form to book a free lawn assessment by one of our experts.

Keep Florida Natural


Be Part of the Solution

Call us at 904-614-9053 to schedule a free estimate.


We Started using Turf Organics three weeks ago. The previous service was doing nothing but billing my credit card. Weeds kept growing and the grass was not. Once Turf Organics took over, the weeds are almost gone, the yard is green and growing. The downside is I have had to cut the grass three times since they started the service.

Joyce and John Gehri


Chadd and his team are hard working and educate you the person's yard they are taken care of. He comes to your house personally if there's an issue with your yard or if you have any questions. Thank you for helping us learn about how Turf Organics can really make your yard look awesome. We all need to be going organic in the world we live in.

Becky Rose


Turf Organics did an excellent job on my lawn!.... their product, service and knowledge is outstanding... personal detail and information about my lawn is provided via phone call and/or written report (they don't give me the "canned report" that i was used to before from other companies). Chadd is very friendly and professional as well as the company.

Deacon Keaton


After using over 10 different companies we have finally found the best one! Only been 2 months with them and the results thus far are amazing. Customer service is amazing as well!

Drake Harmon

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