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A Greener Lawn Care Company

Serving the Greater Jacksonville & St. Augustine Area


Turf Organics Lawn Care Services

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Lawn Care

Our lawn care service covers fertilization, weeds, lawn damaging pest and fungus treatment and unlimited free call backs.

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Pest Control

Our Pest Control service covers all types of florida pests. Our pest services are safe & eco-friendly!

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Fire Ant Prevention

Our Pest Control service covers all types of florida pests. Our pest services are safe & eco-friendly!

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Mosquito Control

Ready to start enjoying your yard? Our mosquito control service that will keep your family and pets safe from these harmful pests.

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Shrub Fertilization

Our organic shrub fertilization service keeps your shrubs looking great and also stops shrub damaging pest, damaging fungus and more.

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Palm Fertilization

We follow the University of Florida's palm program. We fertilize your palm trees 3 times per year with 18 pounds of healthy micro nutrients.

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Ornamental Care

We'll manage your fruit and ornamental trees keeping them healthy for years to come.


We do sod! Transform your yard into the organic lawn of your dreams.

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Irrigation Repair

Having trouble with your irrigation system? For all your irrigation needs give the experts at Turf Organics a call today.

Our Mission

A Beautiful Lawn Free of Pests!

Our Mission is to provide excellent, safe and effective service while reducing toxins in our groundwater and chemical run-off into our waterways, protecting the health of our families and pets as well as our precious resources, one house and one neighborhood at a time.


Our goal is to create a safer environment for your children and pets while also developing a healthy lawn. Our formula is made here locally in St. Johns County and we aim to provide excellent results & great customer service at a competitive price.

We're here making a difference and you can too!


We Are a Lawn and Pest Company You Can Count On.

Our commitment to a greener, safer environment begins with our base solutions of bridge-organic and carbon filled Humic and Fulvic Acid. These OMRI certified, organic Bio-stimulants maximize the plants ability to utilize available nutrients, thus reducing the demand for synthetic fertilizers.

All together making an environmentally friendly "bridge" fertilizer product. Over time, these products will replenish what has been stripped from the soil, (carbon, amino acids and beneficial lawn feeding fungi and bacteria). Your lawn will not just rely on our monthly services, but will be sustained and healthy in-between treatments.

Turf Organics will also treat weeds, damaging pest and lawn damaging fungi in your lawn with safer products. Give our lawn care and pest control service a try. Check out all of our services or contact Turf Organics Now!

A Lawn Care Company That's Safer for Both Kids & Pets

With the help of the world's leading manufacturer to organic certified home products, we have developed an Eco-smart fertilizer program for your home that will actually replenish essential nutrients back into the soil. The more we service your lawn the healthier and richer your soil will become.

Most Northeastern Florida lawns are grown on sand and have been stripped of all amino acids and life essential carbon due to over-use of synthetic fertilizers, making your lawn chemically dependent. Unfortunately, this is a common practice in the fertilization and pest control industries.


Our process is different! Turf Organics utilizes a High Molecular Weight Activated Carbon in all our treatment formulas. These are specifically formulated to improve soil health, reduce compaction and enhance soil buffering capabilities, while increasing water and nutrient availability. Our unique and proprietary formula restores your soil to health by reversing the negative effects caused by the salt residue from overuse of conventional fertilizers.

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What Sets Us Apart

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Excellent Services
Creating Safe Environment
Total Reduction In Toxins
Image by Daniel Helpiansky

We Started using Turf Organics three weeks ago. The previous service was doing nothing but billing my credit card. Weeds kept growing and the grass was not. Once Turf Organics took over, the weeds are almost gone, the yard is green and growing. The downside is I have had to cut the grass three times since they started the service.

~ Joyce and John Gehri

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